Clear Braces

Clear braces work in the exact same way as metal braces -- the only difference is they are clear!   Clear braces can provide patients with an attractive, less noticeable alternative to traditional braces.  

What is the difference between clear braces and aligners?

Clear braces are glued to your teeth and a series of wires straightens your teeth.

Clear aligners are removable pieces of plastic that are designed to incrementally move your teeth.  There is a series of different aligners and each aligner delivers a change in the position of your teeth.  As you progress through the aligner series, you get closer to your dream smile!  

What are the pros and cons of clear braces?

Advantages of clear braces:

  • Appearance: Clear braces are much less noticeable and more aesthetic than traditional metal braces. 
  • Confidence: Many patients who choose clear braces feel more confident about their orthodontic treatment, especially knowing that people are focusing on their smiles rather than their braces.
  • Treatment Efficiency:  There are many types of bite problems that are treated signficiantly more quickly and effectively than with aligners (like severe crowding or deep overbites).

Disadvantages of clear braces:

  • Discoloration: The clear elastic ties used with clear and ceramic braces may become slightly discolored when you drink tea, coffee, or wine, and eat certain foods.

Are clear braces the right choice for my smile and me?

By talking to Dr. Jones, you can decide if clear braces are the right treatment choice for you.  Give us a call to schedule your complimentary appointment today.

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