Emergency Care

True orthodontic emergencies are rare; but if it happens, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  

Call our office if you're experiencing severe pain and we will schedule an appointment to resolve the problem.

You might be surprised that you may be able to solve many problems yourself until you can get to our office.  We will share some tips to alleviate discomfort below.  

It is important that if something is broekn, that you schedule a repair appointment, even if you are not in pain.  If you allow your appliance to remain damaged for a long time, it may result in disruptions to your treatment plan.

General soreness

Salt water rinses

Irritated gums and other sore spots can be relieved by rinsing your mouth with a warm salt-water mouthwash. Dissolve one teaspoonful of salt in eight ounces of warm water, and rinse your mouth vigorously.

Pain Medication

If the tenderness is severe, take Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen as directed. 


The lips, cheeks, and tongue may become irritated for one to two weeks as they learn a new posture and become accustomed to the surface of the braces. You can put wax on the braces to lessen this.


Loose Teeth

If your teeth begin feeling a little loose, don't worry; this is normal!  Once your teeth have been repositioned, they will no longer be loose.


Loose bracket

If your bracket or band is still attached to the wire, you should leave it in place and put wax on it if needed for comfort.  If the bracket or band can be removed easily, place it in an envelope and save it to bring to your next appointment.


Loose wire 

Using a pair of tweezers or needle-nosed pliers, try to put your wire back into place.If you cannot put the wire into a comfortable position, and covering the end with wax doesn't help, use a small fingernail clipper to clip the wire behind the last tooth with a secure brace. If the end of the wire is still sharp place wax on it.


Missing color tie or steel tie

If you are missing a color tie or steel tie, it is okay to use a piece of floss in place of the missing tie to secure the wire into place.  


Poking wire

Using a pencil eraser, push the poking wire down or place wax on it so that it is no longer poking.

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